On May 9th, former FBI Director, #James Comey was let go, and this Thursday, the world will witness his testimony to see if he disproves #Trump. He will be testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding the "inappropriate" conversations he had with the President. However, classified information will most likely not be discussed, which means the Russia issue will likely still remain.

In Comey’s dismissal letter, Trump stated that he is grateful for not being under investigation about the Russia probe but Comey never admitted he informed the President of this.

Weeks before he was fired, there were many ups and downs regarding the communications between the former FBI Director and the President. According to CNN, Comey was fired simply because Trump disliked him. One source told CNN that he asked the justice department for more scoops on Russia’s involvement with the election, however, a spokeswoman denied this ever happening.

Intelligence officials refuse to answer questions relating to Trump interactions

Comey has apparently lost the trust and confidence of many republicans due to the conflicting Clinton email investigation. Despite that, Trump was planning on firing him before Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommended that he do so. Rosenstein and Intelligence Officials have the spotlight, as he will be questioned publicly regarding Comey’s dismissal and the Russian probe.

According to CNBC, as Daniel Coats, Director of National Intelligence, National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein were being testifying, neither of them would go into detail about the private conversations they had with Trump. Rogers and Coats stated that they never felt pressured into meddling in an investigation.

What Comey will say as part of his testimony

This miscommunication has stirred up drama within the White House and Comey will finally reveal his version of the story regarding the uncomfortable interactions between he and Trump. On Thursday, Comey will simply address the past occurrences and will leave the legal judgments to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

It’s not his place to recount his opinions on Trump but to state what really happened. Did Trump believe he was not under investigation or did he misinterpret that information? Tune in tomorrow to find out whether Comey’s actions were an obstruction of justice or not.