Last year, Joe Biden spoke openly about his need to stay active in politics even after Obama's term was over. He said he wouldn't close the door on running for office but wasn't ready to dedicate his time to it either. Many took that to mean that he hadn't decided if he was going to run for the 2020 election, yet. Even after Joe spoke at a New Hampshire Democratic Party dinner, liberals are left wondering what his plans are.

Rebuilding the Democratic Party

Biden says that he isn't planning on running for President but wants to help rebuild the party.

He thinks the Democratic Party is fractured and he wants to make sure they win the presidency back in 2020.

Joe said that in order to recover from the devastating loss in 2016, the Democrats need to discover what they want, and rebuild the party. He added that his biggest worry is that Trump's presidency will demoralize the liberals.

“We have to return to this sense of anything is possible, anything is possible in America," Joe Bidden said, according to Politico. "In order to do that, we have to rebuild this consensus that there used to be a basic bargain in America.”

The former vice president revealed that opioid abuse is on the rise in America and divorce rates are higher than they have ever been, especially in the 40-55 age range.

He believes these statistics are telling how fractured America is right now.

Will Biden run in 2020?

Biden claims that he isn't planning on running again. After all, he ran for office in 1984,1988,2004,2008, and considered in 2016. So, the idea of him running again is not likely. But, the liberals still hold on to that glimmer of hope that he MAY decide to run.

During the Democratic Party dinner, a crowd cheered for Joe, chanting, "Run, Joe, run." Biden seemed pleased that the Democrats believe in him and are responding to his speech. Joe crushed them immediately when he confirmed their worst fears, "Guys, I am not running in 2020, sorry."

What is Biden's goal?

The former vice president has a clear vision right now, and that is to warn the Republicans about the danger of a Trump reelection.

He wants to make sure they know that, if they, reelect Trump, that could destroy many other valuable social programs that keep the middle class in place.

He hasn't, publically at least, said he planned to run for office. The only thing he has said about the next presidential race is the Democrats have to band together to defeat the tyranny of Trump.

Joe Bidden's age a factor in not running?

If Bidden decided to run for 2020, he would be 77 at the time of the election. Many feel that may be "too old" for the demands of the presidency. However, President Trump will be 74 and seems to be in much poorer health than the three years older, Joe.

Whether his age is a factor in his decision not to run, at this time, is not known. If age is a factor, then at 74 for next election, should disqualify Trump.

Democrats have to band together

I think most Democrats would agree with that. Most agree that we need to unite to defeat him and find the best candidate to do that. If it's not Joe, we need to find someone who will go out, guns blazing, to take back the presidency for the Democrats.

Trump embodies so many qualities that could damage the country, not just for his term but fo years to come. It took President Obama eight years to semi-recover the country from eight long years of George W. Bush's regime. Let's just hope that Trump's administration only has four years to destroy the country, not eight.

It's up to the Democrats now. Their job has to be to hold Trump accountable and band together to defeat the Republicans in 2020. If Joe Biden decides to run, he will have most of the party backing him up.