As the Korean crisis drags on, Communist china, led by President Xi Jinping, assumes the voice of reason between US president Donald Trump and Dictator Kim Jong-Un. China requests the two to start diplomatic talks and help each other diffuse the tension which can lead to nuclear war.

China hopes dialogue will ensue after controversial Trump statement

Trump said to the surprise of many Americans that he would talk with Kim Jong-Un if he had the chance. The US president went so far as to allow the North Korean dictator to visit the United States if the situation was right.

As expected, the controversial statement resulted in a huge backlash against the Trump but China saw an opportunity.

China's foreign ministry hoped that Trump's statement will form the basis for a dialogue to diffuse the growing tension in the Korean peninsula. Beijing couldn't afford North Korea embroiled in a heated conflict with the United States as it will most likely drag China into the conflict as well.

Trump willing to talk to Kim Jong-Un sparks stark criticism

Trump said that he would be honored to meet with the young dictator. The statement attracted the ire of many Americans saying that Trump will casually meet with a tyrant who murdered his own people.

Trump responded that he will meet with anybody he wants.

He further added that there is nothing wrong with talking to Kim as there is a chance that he can talk the dictator out of continuing North Korea's nuclear program.

However, in spite of Trump's willingness to talk, such a conversation is not being pushed. As of the moment, the US military is continuing its military drills with South Korea and the THAAD system is now operational.

Added to this is the inclusion of warships from Japan and France as the Korean peninsula is slowly being congested with US-led naval forces.

The future of the Korean crisis

Though China urges the US and North Korea to diffuse the situation through diplomatic talks, Beijing itself hasn't done any crucial move to convince Pyongyang to back down from nuclearization.

China on the other hand urges the US to halt its military drills with South Korea as it will just add fuel to the fire.

In the end, as the US and North Korea are in an impasse, only China has the ability to either diffuse the situation or worsen it. The key to end the Korean crisis is not with the democratic virtue of America but with the cool and calculated strategies of Communist China.