With news that Trump's son in law #Jared Kushner met with a Russian banker to set up a direct and secretive line of communications with Russia's Vladimir Putin, many questions have been raised. How long had they sought to plan such an arrangement? Who initially suggested it?

According to various people with intel on the meeting Kushner took with Russian Ambassador #Sergey Kislyak, it was principally a meeting to talk about how the United States and Russia could work together in an amicable way to close the civil war in Syria, as well as other issues.

Well, now it seems that those other issues are front and center. Those other issues might be what makes or break the trump administration.

These sources, according to the New York Times on Tuesday, said that the secure channel aimed, in part, to connect #Michael Flynn, then a campaign adviser (but now known as the disgraced national security adviser), to high-level military officials in Moscow and beyond.

In fact, the disgraced former national security advisor, Flynn, had actually attended the meeting in New York at Trump HQ with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. This is another detail that investigators are honing in on.

Investigators at the #FBI are also currently looking into whether the channel was supposed to be kept open after the Syrian issue had been resolved, and whether there were other topics discussed in the meeting, including lifting sanctions from the formative Obama era, sanctions that were put in place after Russia' annexation of Crimea and its massive and unyielding assaults in Ukraine.