The Special Counsel to the Federal Bureau of Intelligence investigation for Russia, #Robert Mueller has a wonderful A-plus reputation in Washington Dc and is respected by many of his peers across party lines, according to the New York Times. He has been front and center in the news the last few days since he was chosen by the Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to continue the investigation into Russia.

Mueller worked alongside #James Comey, ex-FBI director when he was the deputy attorney general in George W Bush's comparatively smooth-running administration.

Mueller, according to sources, gets and understands high-pressure politics and is comfortable trading the muddied and swamp-like corridors of power in the nation's capital.

He certainly has a wide net and is able to commence with criminal charges if he needs to, according to the New York Times. Mueller is also structurally considered to be functioning within the #Justice Department and so in the end he reports to President Trump. With his experience and his stature, however, many say that he won't be bowing down before Trump. He is an experienced lawmaker and politician who won't be put off by any foul play or cross party sniping.