With the appointment of #Robert Mueller, the special counsel to the in-depth Federal Bureau of Intelligence Russia probe that has been carried out the last few months, "unusual circumstances" have been named and referenced – and this term is a gross understatement.

The unusual circumstances pertaining to this #Trump Russia-FBI mess are hugely unprecedented. America has never in its colorful and varied history watched as an administration has been knocked and rattled so hard so early in its term.

Indeed, the serious allegations of a #foreign government's meddling in the US electoral process has been an unknown issue – until now.

But as critics point out, and perhaps fans too, there has never been a president anything like Donald Trump either. He is a master of confusion and spin and an electric sort of power that seems to prickle everything it touches.

Confusion and chaos reigns

It is a time of confusion, chaos, and uncertainty and, recently, a falling DOW index. And as the #Russia allegations spin into a far more serious and litigious phase, the country watches on with panic and alarm as they wonder about the moral integrity of their president Donald Trump. He holds the world - and the truth - in his hands.