Following the ban on any electronic devices that are “larger than a smartphone” in the cabin, on flights that are coming from some select locations, it seems that the White House is considering expansion of the policy.

Presently, the ban on electronic cabin luggage was applied only on flights that were coming from eight predominantly Muslim countries. However, in an interview with Fox News, John Kelly, the U.S. Homeland Security Secretary stated that he is considering broadening the ban to all international flights.

White House keen on banning laptops on all international flights?

Earlier in May, U.S. officials were seriously considering banning electronic items specifically laptops in the carry-on luggage on incoming flights from Europe in a bid to beef up security. However, the plan was temporarily discarded after a meeting with European officials. However, in the Monday, May 29, Fox News interview, Kelly his that the White House administration may go ahead with the idea.

When Chris Wallace from Fox News asked if the White House will ban laptops in the cabin from international flights that are from and to the U.S., Kelly shared that they “might” do that.

By when will the policy be in place?

The Homeland Security Secretary explained that the threat to take down a U.S.-bound flight is real, and that is what majorly all terrorists aim to accomplish.

When asked about a timeline by when these norms would be implemented, Kelly was vague and evaded the issue with thoughts on international cooperation and terrorism.

He was quizzed if he plans to execute the ban nationwide or at few select locations. Kelly said that there is a strong possibility that the ban on electronic cabin luggage on international flights will be a nationwide one.

Currently, in several U.S. airports, the TSA security checks have gotten much tougher than before. People at some terminals are asked to remove more items from the carry-on luggage and make the security checks lengthier and stricter.

How effective would be the ban?

The original ban was implemented with the aim to prevent terrorists’ bringing explosives on the board inside the laptop’s battery case.

However, critics have pointed out that a larger ban would result in cost rise and would also lead to loss of productivity. As of now, it is unclear how the ban would prevent someone from bringing an explosive on a flight. If Kelly decides to implement the policy on all international flights, it would not only increase the price of the checked-in baggage but would also mean a longer wait in the line.