The recent spate of #North Korean missile tests have been seen by the United States as diplomatic challenges in a time of increasing global and diplomatic uncertainty. Whilst the American people have been seen to resist and speak out against some of President Trumps' shocking policies, those in North Korea have had to put up with a far worse political and humanitarian situation for many, meany years.

Not much information makes it out of the statistically controlled North Korean provinces, but we do know that the people there live in appalling conditions, without religious or intellectual freedom that is supposedly granted to people in the United States.

There have been North Korean food shortages, as well as restrictions placed on women and girls in the educational arena, as well as medical and scientific shortcomings.

If you're amongst the 5 million children in North Korea, the reality of your childhood is pretty stark. North Korean kids are taught the country's horrific history, as well as popular art forms like music and illustration, but this learning is often carried out whilst being engaged in promoting the country's political story and beliefs. Everything learned is learned under the umbrella of North Korean propaganda.