With the appointment of Jeff Sessions as attorney general, the looming presence of a menacing law enforcer president has become more-so with recent reports of the Department of Justice issued guidelines to prosecutors for harsher sentences for non-violent offenders. The view over the past several years has been to lessen sentences for those charged as the incarceration rate in America is said to be jailing 25 percent of the world's prisoners.

Progressive to bring common sense to policing

Former President Obama and the Justice Department under Loretta Lynch have made an effort to reform incarceration as well as give a voice to disadvantaged black communities who have been murdered at the hands of police.

Jeff Sessions has also attempted to devalue that message by promising to give more powers to police and has even fired back against the public criticism of out-of-control law enforcement.

If only there were a politician that could pose a more aggressive fight against an administration that is on the wrong side of history? So far there doesn't seem to be one, which is why defense attorney Larry Krasner is running for District Attorney of Philadelphia, a candidate who has everything a Republican administration hates and therefore more enemies than Frank Underwood from the House of Cards.

Larry Krasner is an aggressive progressive who believes that the system of incarceration needs to be chucked out, has the support of the Black Lives Matter movement and promises to take on racist police forces and the politicians that support them.

Of course, nothing could upset a Republican more than having the support of George Soros, which he does and who also thinks he could win.

Philadelphia's 'law and order' future

The incumbent DA is Seth Williams who has been mired in controversy for taking enough bribes for him to be investigated by the FBI. Because there are no term limits for the position, getting Seth Williams out is a given but getting someone in for what is said to be one of the biggest prosecutor's offices in the nation, would certainly leave a lasting impact.

And already there are plenty of media attacks against Krasner, who is one of seven Democrats running for the position and said to be the most progressive of the bunch.

Philly Magazine collected cases for and against the candidates where it points out that Krasner has gone round and round with the Fraternal Order of Police, who have been very vocal about going after Black Lives Matter, even boycotting a Beyonce concert and encouraging others to do the same. For a city that has a high crime rate, and no experience as a prosecutor, he could very well reform the city's justice system and make even more enemies along the way.