A Republican House Majority Leader in a secretly taped conversation told his colleagues in 2016, there is a possibility that Russia’s Vladimir Putin issues payment to Donald Trump. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), made the bombshell announcement in an audio tape that was secretly sent to the Washington Post.

GOP Senator jokes Trump always supports Putin

However, he endorsed Trump while he was on the campaign trail for the Republican Party nomination. The overwhelming assertion was made in a conversation that he had with other GOP lawmakers. Reportedly, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was also at the meeting just a few months before the November, 8th 2016 election.

McCarthy said he thinks that Putin has two Republicans on his payroll, he then went on to name Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher a GOP member from California.

The House Majority Leader reiterated that he stands by his claim after listening to a secret audio tape. According to McCarthy, Trump and Rohrabacher fiercely defend Russia and its President against all accusations of wrongdoing. Reportedly, after several GOP lawmakers mockingly laughed at the purported Russian joke; McCarthy solidifies his statement by adding, “Swear to God.”

The Washington Post released secret GOP audio tape

Washington Post's report claims that Ryan quickly squashed the story while urging the conversation kept private by the lawmakers, who were in attendance.

Then, the House speaker admonished the group telling them that no one should leak the damning information. Reportedly, Ryan further added, this is how we will know that we're being a real Republican family.

The Washington Post reached out to the Republicans for clarification of the audio, but representatives for Ryan and McCarthy disputed the conversation.

Brendan Buck the spokesperson for McCarthy said the recorded audio was a bad attempt at humor. According to Buck, McCarthy’s comments were just a joke and no one really believed him. Senator Ryan’s spokesman referred to the Post’s story as dumb.

However, a transcript of the recorded audio was published by the Washington Post, amid news that Robert Mueller, the former FBI Director would take over the Russian hack investigation.

Mueller was selected by the Department of Justice, to direct the special counsel tasked with investigating the US President ties to the Russian government.

The United States had accused Vladimir Putin's government of hacking the private emails of the Democrat’s nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton. Reportedly, the hacked information was used to sway the 2016 presidential election to secure the win for the current U.S. President.