It is a state law that a person needs a fishing license to participate in the sport in most states. However, three days are coming when a fishing license is not required in the state of Virginia. This happens every year when there is a free fishing day or a three-day weekend. A free weekend in Virginia is scheduled for June 2, 3, and 4 this year. If people fish before or after those days, they must have a valid license to do so.

Even though a license is not required on the free fishing weekend, all other laws are still in effect. While the state wants families and friends to enjoy fishing without a license on the designated days, the state doesn't want people to break other laws associated with the sport.

For instance, there are regulations regarding the size, catch limits, and gear restrictions. If you plan to go on the first weekend in June, it might help to check out the other rules found online.

Reasons for free fishing days

John M.R. Bull, Commissioner of Virginia's Marine Resources, indicated that this is an incentive for people to get outside and enjoy Virginia's natural resources. He added that the State of Virginia has many outdoor opportunities for people to take advantage of and he encourages them to do so.

The Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries says if people go fishing on the free days, they will get hooked. That simply means they will love it so much that they will purchase a license to use on other days of the year.

Why fish?

Those who fish know that it is a time to get in touch with nature as well as a time to meditate, reflect, and have pleasant thoughts. It is more enjoyable when it is done with a family member or friend. People tend to bond while fishing. Children love doing it with their parents. Adults and children find it a wonderful time to escape from business as usual.

There are plenty of places around the state to fish and officials are hoping residents will take advantage of the free days and love it so much that they will continue the sport long after the weekend is over.

People who have heard about this great opportunity are elated. They say they will sure go fishing at least on one of those days.

More than likely, they will love the experience so much that they might go all three days.

Do you think you will try to catch some fish along with family and friends during the three free days? Even if you don't usually go, perhaps that weekend will be an ideal time to try it.