The British government is not pleased with the way the U.S. handled sensitive information regarding the Manchester bombing incident. They thought that the leaks compromised the "element of surprise" which could have helped in tracking the ones responsible for the recent act of terrorism.

On May 22, a suicide bombing incident in a concert by American singer Ariana Grande left 23 dead (including the bomber) and 120 more injured. The suicide bomber was identified to be Salman Rabedi, a British-born citizen of Libyan descent.

British Prime Minister to raise 'leakage' issues to U.S. President Donald Trump

Photos that detailed evidence of the bomb circulated sometime later in the New York Times. This was considered a leak that angered British officials, prompting British Prime Minister Theresa May want to raise these issues to United States President Donald Trump.

According to a British official who wished to remain anonymous, the government of Britain is investigating if there were other instances of sensitive information being leaked by the United States. They implied that a certain level of trust should be upheld in handling secrets between the two nations, as poor handling of information could "jeopardize active investigations."

Meanwhile, the Greater Manchester Police outright condemned the leaks.

Speaking for National Counter-Terrorism Policing units, the force released a statement that suggested tension in the relations between the two nations.

"When the trust is breached it undermines these relationships, and undermines our investigations and the confidence of victims, witnesses, and their family," the statement said.

U.S. possibly leaked more than bomb photos

It was also reported that U.S. officials allegedly leaked the suicide bomber's name, Salman Rabedi, while British authority is keeping it under wraps because of ongoing raids and investigation. Home Secretary Amber Rudd believed that this particular leak just took away the element of surprise in future operations conducted by British law enforcement.

What's more, the Official Secrets Act binds the two countries in the handling of such information. The British also has secrets about the United States, but they are just as prohibited to leak or share those because of the said Act.

Despite the alleged leaks, the investigation for the Manchester bombing continues. Recent reports say that two more people associated with the terrorist attack were arrested earlier today.