The terrorist outrage at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, great britain was part of a strategy aimed at demoralizing and frightening people in the western world to stop resisting the worldwide jihad and, eventually, submit to Islam. Children were targeted deliberately to enhance the horror and to send a message that “immoral” behavior is not going to be tolerated.

What we know so far

As of this writing, 22 people have lost their lives, and dozens have been injured by a Suicide Bomber who was waiting outside the concert venue for the event to let out.

The improvised explosive device was packed with nails in order to maximize casualties. After the explosion, panic and chaos ensued. First responders descended on the crime scene to take the injured to hospitals for treatment and to start the painstaking investigation,

The police believe they know the investigator of the mass murderer but are not revealing his name for the time being. One of the questions they must answer is whether he was acting alone or was part of a support group that made the bomb and delivered him to the target. No one has taken responsibility for the outrage, but ISIS celebrated on social media.

Why target children?

People in the west abhor above almost everything else the targeting of children.

However, the Islamist terrorist mindset is a bit different. In their minds, children have parents who can be terrified into submission by their slaughter. Children also grow up to become adults. Almost as important, the terrorists regard what westerners regard as having fun at a rock concert as immoral behavior, with the mixing of the sexes, dancing, and immodest dress and behavior.

The penalty for such in their minds is death. The terrorists are not tolerant of other cultures, believing that the entire world must submit to sharia law when the world-wide caliphate is established.

What happens next?

President Donald Trump, who called the perpetrators of the Manchester Massacres “evil losers” favors a far more harsh approach to dealing with terrorism than his predecessor.

From the temporary travel ban from terrorist ridden countries to calls for “extreme vetting” of suspect would-be immigrants to his mandate to the military to annihilate ISIS, Trump believes that he is serious about conducting a world-wide war on terror. The carnage that was inflicted in Manchester, the worst attack of that kind in over a decade in Great Britain, will undoubtedly buttress his case.