The UK police say it would stop sharing information on the Manchester bombing with the U.S., according to sources from the British counter-terrorism unit. The police said the leak to the US media hampered their investigation.

Police are on a manhunt for suspected bomb-maker following the attack by British-born Salmad Abedi, who detonated a highly sophisticated improvised device at a concert that was attended by mostly children. The attack claimed 22 lives while 64 people suffered various degrees of injury.

Police controlling the situation

Police said they were combing the Trafford area in response to a call; all roads were closed while the situation is being assessed.

The army has also dispersed bomb disposal specialists at the college area, the report said.

The US is UK’s most strategically in security and intelligence, the decision to stop Information Sharing by the British Police with the US Intelligence agencies is considered as an extraordinary measure following the leak.

Consequences of the leak

The threat level was raised to critical after the Manchester attack, which is its highest level, implying that a further attack could be possible if nothing drastic is done. Soldiers have been dispersed to enable police officers to embark on patrols and conduct investigations.

About eight people were arrested after police raided the suburbs of Manchester. They are currently in custody and undergoing interrogations in connection with the suicide attack.

The UK media have earlier reported that one of the suspects arrested is a brother to Abedi, but police are yet to confirm the report.

A coordinated attack

Abedi was among a network of terrorists who planned and executed the attack, according to Manchester’s police chief. Authorities believe that the suspect was assisted in constructing the bomb and arranging for the bombing.

Police officials have stated that they are angry about the media release of confidential information in the U.S. media, which include photographs of bomb site published in New York Times, adding that the leak undermined weakened the good relationship with trusted security and intelligence agencies.

This is really damaging since it involves unauthorized publication of potential evidence in the mid of a strategic counterterrorism investigation, according to a statement by the National Terrorism Policing spokesperson.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to bring the issue to the attention of US President Donald Trump when they meet at the NATO summit holding in Brussels on Thursday, according to government sources.