Sharing of sensitive information in the aftermath of a Terror Attack is common practice among allies and that had been the case between the US and UK for a long time. However, it had landed Manchester Police in hot water when information was leaked to the press and sensitive images were published in the New York Times. The police have now decided that they will no longer share any information regarding the investigations concerning the terror attack with the US.

The police are 'furious'

People in Britain are still trying to come to terms with the gruesome terror attack that took place in Manchester two days ago and the publication of classified images in the New York Times was the last thing that anyone wanted.

The issue of information sharing between the US and UK had already become a sore point when the the identity of the suicide bomber found its way into American media soon after the attack. There was no doubt that the identity of the attacker had been leaked by the US, but the latest development has left the Manchester police livid and they have decided to not share any information regarding their investigation at this point. This is the sort of leak that can damage the very spirit of the information sharing agreements.

This is a temporary measure

In all likelihood, this is a temporary measure that is aimed at limiting the leakage of sensitive information into the public domain as the investigation continues in full steam.

The police provides its findings to the National Counter Terrorism in the UK, who in turn share the relevant information with agencies of 4 nations; namely US, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. The agreement is known as the Five Eyes Agreement but at this point in time; it is understood that the United States is going to be out of the loop for a while because of these damaging leaks.

When the identity of the bomber was first leaked, the UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd was not pleased at all with the US and had delivered a statement in which she said, that such an incident should not be repeated.

The latest leak, published in the New York Times, comprised of police photograph of blood stained debris at the location of the terror attack and the UK establishment is up in arms about the latest transgression from their allies.

The Manchester police personnel investigating the case are apparently furious. Needless to say, the fault does not lie with the New York Times, which published the images but with the US authorities who allowed two leaks in such close interval.