The number of stray, homeless and abandoned animals is shocking and finding homes for the dogs can be a challenge. Many of these unfortunate beings often end up in facilities that destroy them if they are not adopted in a timely fashion. Such was the case with two adorable dogs named Apollo and Adonis. After being abandoned by their owner, the future looked bleak for the two best friends.

The story behind best pals Adonis and Apollo

Adonis and Apollo were discovered abandoned in a Texas shelter, huddled together in fear. They retreated into the corner of their enclosure, holding onto each other for security.

Their future was uncertain because this shelter is one of the worst as dogs are killed if they do not find homes. Because of their unique bond, the hope is to get both dogs adopted together into the same house, which is even more challenging, especially since they are mid to large size animals. To ensure the dogs have a good, healthy future, Cindy Droogmans from the A-Team Elite Rescue Dogs organization removed Adonis and Apollo from the kill shelter in Texas to a facility in Huntington, New York.

Cindy immediately had the dogs examined by a veterinarian where they were found to have heart problems, which is probably why they were abandoned by their owner. After being treated for cardiac failure, Ms.

Droogmans instantly searched to find the dogs a loving forever home, ensuring that they are adopted together. After all they have been through she wanted to keep the friends together, as they found comfort with one another. Pictures of the best buds Apollo and Adonis appeared on Facebook in hopes of getting them adopted as a pair.

The journey to a new home met with challenges

As soon as the dogs’ photos appeared on Facebook, a woman named Jennifer knew she wanted to give these animals a home and filled out the appropriate adoption application.

Jennifer and husband Donald are already owners of two other rescue dogs but they felt they had room for Apollo and Adonis as they live in a large home with an enormous and safe backyard. The adoption application was immediately approved, and it looked like the two canines could look forward to a happy ending in a loving home. However, Adonis became scared once at the new shelter and ran away. Stress got the better of him. Apollo and his new owners were in a panic as they searched for the dog. As Jennifer and Cindy searched for Adonis, he was finally found safe and sound within twenty-four hours. The brothers and best friends are reunited and now living happily together in a new loving home that they deserve. Their new owners state that they are doing wonderfully as perfect additions to the family, staying together for a happy ending.