The yellow Labrador retriever is a bundle of fur and energy in its early stages of life, with an enthusiastic zest for life. The breed is keen to please their humans unconditionally. Although they love to fetch tennis balls and a Frisbee, this very smart dog can also be a cuddler and lover. It is no wonder that this intelligent and loyal animal is a number one choice for a service or therapy animal. When Michelle and the Calicchio Family adopted a yellow Lab, now named Maggie, they could never have guessed she would someday be a “therapy dog” in a much different way because of the dog’s own demeanor.

AZ Happy Tails Animal Rescue of small dogs

Over the years, Michelle Calicchio opened her heart to homeless, stray Chihuahuas and other small dogs that seemed to wander around the area.

It all started when she rescued a little guy named Percy, found on an Arizona street. After she had fostered him, the owner surfaced, and Percy went home. But the passion remained in Calicchio’s heart and she started fostering small dogs like Chihuahuas with the AZ Happy Tails animal rescue. The rescue runs entirely by home-based providers through fostering. They look to place a homeless dog in a home with other animals so they can learn socialization, security of a family and other necessary skills. Although Michelle thought that Maggie would be her only dog, she began to foster these little guys. How Maggie accepted and treated the “houseguests” is what amazes everyone who reads this heartwarming story.

Maggie, the Labrador retriever, became a comfort for foster dogs

The Calicchio family has fostered more than 60 small dogs from the AZ Happy Tails Animal Rescue for the past twelve years. From the moment the first dog enter their home, Maggie, their yellow Labrador would let the animal snuggle up to her.

Ms. Calicchio states that she was wondering what was going on when the first little guy named Jasper hopped on top of Maggies back, laid down and went to sleep. The family thought it was very odd, but their big dog did not seem to mind. In fact, at least another 25 small foster dogs used Maggie’s body as their warm and personal bed.

The woman said that she just lays there and allows the little guys to lay there. Calicchio continued to say that Maggie does not seek out the foster dogs, but they seem to search for her. Her guess is that the small dogs lay on top of the lab because she feels warm and soft, although not all of the fosters use Maggie as a bed.

Dr. Sackman of the Blue Pearl Vet Clinic in Michigan who deals in animal behavior believes that, because Maggie is such a sweet dog, she enjoys the companionship of the foster Chihuahuas around her. A foster is often very anxious and nervous, and Maggie makes them feel more secure and safe by allowing them to snuggle up to her (or on her.) What a sweet and tolerable dog she is with a soft and calm demeanor.