American President Donald Trump called the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate alleged ties between members of his electoral team and Russia a "witch hunt."

"It's the biggest witch hunt against a politician in American history," Donald Trump wrote on Twitter. Former FBI director Robert Mueller was appointed on Wednesday by a special prosecutor in an investigation into "the Russian government's efforts to influence the presidential election in 2016 and related issues," the US Department of Justice said on Wednesday.

Accusations against Obama

In a series of morning tweets, Trump mentioned Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's "unlawful actions" for which no special prosecutor was ever appointed. Trump complained on Wednesday about maltreatment by the media. "No politician in history, and I say that with the utmost certainty, was treated less favorably," he said on Wednesday in his speech. The Kremlin had earlier refused to comment on Mueller's nomination, saying it was an internal issue for the United States.

Speaker Paul Ryan said he still has confidence in Donald Trump as president, even after the hectic week he just had. He once again warned the media and the public not to come up with radical conclusions and said that it is necessary to gather all the facts first.

Former President Barack Obama allegedly told his friends that Donald Trump was "an ordinary bullsh–ter" after being elected as the new president. This is how Obama commented on Trump after his speech about how much he "respects" his predecessor. One of Obama's friends said that his opinion of Trump since the inauguration "has not improved."

The friend continued that the former president was "seriously concerned about the new situation." "However, he is also optimistic because he sees people will not just look at what's going on, but they are ready to act," one of the sources close to Obama said to People magazine.

Former first lady Michelle Obama allegedly joked that she would only wear black following Trump's victory.

Moscow has a transcript

The Russian president Vladimir Putin said he is willing to publish the transcripts of the meeting between Russian officials and Donald Trump to prove that there was no sharing of confidential information. Although the media first announced that Putin would publish a voice record, it soon became clear that Putin was referring to a transcript.