Country music legend and marijuana advocate, Willie Nelson has a few harsh words for Jeff Sessions' He addressed a recent comment he made about marijuana use, comparing it to heroin. Nelson added that Jeff could only say such a strong statement if he's tried both cannabis and heroin. He urged the attorney general to "get stoned" and tell him about his experience.

Jeff Sessions compared Marijuana to Heroin

According to Huffington Post, Sessions said that cannabis is only slightly less awful than Heroin. Nelson found his comment to be strange and asked how he can compare the two unless he's done both of the drugs.

The famous country singer advised Sessions to try it (cannabis) and let him know if it is "truly awful" as he claimed.

Of course, Jeff Sessions has not replied to Willie's comment and probably won't say anything to him.

There is no downside to marijuana

Nelson has his own brand of marijuana called Willie's Reserve, which is available for purchase in states where marijuana is legal and often speaks about his personal experiences with cannabis.

He said, for him, there is no downside to using marijuana. He thought for a while and said the only downside would be if you live in an area that the substance is illegal.

Do you think marijuana is "only slightly less awful thanHerion" like Jeff Sessions claimed?