Whilst #President Trump has said that he likes Italy a lot, his former and current wives have had more to do with the country through their various associations, as the New York Times reported Friday in a lengthy article about the G7 summit.

When current wife #Melania Trump embarked on her modeling career in her birth country of Slovenia, she would often head to Milan with her father, where she was officially discovered in the 1990s and then was a few years later introduced to Trump.

First wife really likes the country, a lot

The president's first wife, #Ivana Trump (mother to Ivanka Trump), according to the Times “loves Italian men,” as told to them by Rossano Rubicondi, her fourth husband.

After their brief and sporadic 2008 wedding, marriage and relationship he took on a role in the Italian variety of a reality show based on #Celebrity Island and gained a minor sort of fame that saw him being not celebrated exactly, but recognized in Italy.

Developing a pizza place and reality show

Mister Rubicondi is seen as being positive about his tenuous relationship with Trump and is currently developing a reality show based on the opening of a pizza place based right by the president’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.