Security has been increased ten fold with the G7 summit in the small Italian town of Taormina town as heavyweight international leaders of the world's highest ranking economic powers, including Donald Trump, meet to discuss and debate world finance and assets. They will look at world finance, international and national regulation practices, shares and methods in which the countries interact in order to keep the country's financial well-being in check.

Manchester hangs over like a shadow

With the Manchester Bombing last week, many in the world are looking to see how the security will guard against any potential terrorist acts and whether the locals will have free passage to move around the town as they like.

Security at previous G7 gatherings have always been exponentially secure, even with happenings in the past such as demonstrations against the growing inequality that were in full display a few years ago. The anti-Wall Street Occupy Wall Street protestors in 2008 and 2009 rocked the world as they sat in and protested both peacefully and violently in order to get their message across. They were protesting against huge CEO wages and other growing acts of inequality in the high finance world that impinges on many other people's well being. Trump being in attendance will also surely cause others to protest this weekend.