The Senate House committee took place on Thursday. Hours before this, James Comey the director of the FBI had aired his comments about his possible meddling in the US election at a #Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing.

Angry and influential Republicans and Democrats sitting on the committee spelt out in no uncertain terms that they needed answers from Comey on a range of pressing and complex national issues, from Russia to Hillary Clinton's email use and even recent media leaks.

Senators from both sides called for the FBI to be accountable, citing that they need the FBI to be effective.

An outspoken Democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein, attacked Comey for taking what she thought was an enormous risk in communicating to Congress last October that the FBI was looking into new #Clinton-email issues. She added that they didn't at that time know how the emails would alter the investigation and therefore shound't have spoken of them.

Their responses echo many in the media and political spheres about Comey's handling of the issue. Feinstein implored Comey to give #straightforward answers to their straightforward questions, as well as an explanation into how he would lead the #FBI in the future so that errors of this magnitude didn't take place again.