This is prom season, but not every high school senior has a date. That didn't bother a Minnesota teen when she didn't have a date for her senior prom on Saturday night, April 29. Not having a date didn't keep her from going. Priscilla Samey didn’t want to miss her Senior Prom just because she didn't have a date. In fact, she went, and took something unique with her.

What senior took to prom

The 17-year-old senior showed up with her Harvard acceptance letter. She explained that her sister gave her the idea to take her college admission letter to the prom.

Her classmates praised her for her choice. There was a message Priscilla sent by taking her college acceptance letter to the prom. She tweeted that she couldn't find a man to accept her as a prom date, so she took evidence of a college that did accept her. People thought it was a creative and cute idea. Her tweet received more than 100,000 likes and over 20,000 retweets.

Samey's choices

Samey was not only accepted to Harvard, but also accepted to all seven of the Ivy League schools, including Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, and the University of Pennsylvania.

She decided to go to Harvard and major in political science and pre-law. When she graduates, she will have a degree in both law and business administration. Her ultimate goal is to practice business law.

Prom dates

There are many other stories making headlines about proms and prom dates. Recently, there have been promposals -- where teenagers go out of their way to be creative with their invitations, including inviting celebrities to be their prom date.

Some of the proposals work out, but a lot of times celebrities are not available to attend. On some occasions, boys haven taken their mothers who didn't get to go to their own prom. Girls have also taken their fathers.

A prom draw

Students at Aquin High School in Freeport, Illinois never have a problem with getting a prom date because the school helps out.

For 90 years, Aquin High School has made sure every senior had a prom date. The school has what is called a prom draw. Names are drawn to see who will be each other's date. No one seems to object to the idea in the small school where all the students are very close.

This tradition began at the Catholic school in 1926 and has worked well in the past to make sure everyone has a prom date. While some outsiders don't approve of the prom draw, the students, their parents, and grandparents support this longtime tradition. They say there are other dances during the school year where students can ask anyone they want.