The shocking news of Trump's dismissal of the Fbi Director caused an avalanche of reactions from politicians, media, and users of social networks. Most agree that with this move, Trump has crossed the limits of his powers. Some call it "Nixonmove" because of the parallel to the scandal of the former US president.

Constitutional crisis

American politicians have warned that a situation of this kind could result in a constitutional crisis in the state. Senator Chuck Schumer commented on the dismissal of Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, and James Comey: "This does not look like a coincidence".

Social network users agreed with his opinion and pointed out that Trump dismissed all of those who investigated his connection with Russia.

The United States Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) issued the following statement: "The independence of the FBI Director should ensure that the president does not exceed his authority and does not act against the law."

Senator Elizabeth Warren asked the question on Twitter: "Does anyone really believe Trump fired Comey because he was treating Hillary unfairly?"

Senator Tim Kaine wondered whether Trump's release of Comey shows how much he is afraid of investigating his connection with Russia.

President of the National Democratic Committee, Tom Perez, said on Twitter that Trump's move was "a very dangerous abuse of power" and that because of it, a special prosecutor for the investigation is needed.

Edward Snowden tweeted on Tuesday: "Regardless of politics, every American should condemn such an intervention in the work of the FBI. The FBI director has been trying to lock me up for years because of my political activities, and if I can oppose his dismissal, you can too."

What is he hiding?

Senator and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said the sudden firing of the FBI chief led to serious questions about what is President Trump trying to hide, Independent reports.

"Trump's decision points to serious questions about what his administration hides," Sanders said. "Why did the president dismiss the person at the head of an investigation into his possible conspiracy with the Russian government?"

Sanders said he was concerned about the timing of this move. He dismissed Comey just one day after former state attorney Sally Yates testified that he had warned the White House about Michael Flynn's connections with Russia.

Comey had to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee a few days later.

"The president is constantly trying to undermine the investigation of Russia's involvement in the US election, and it is clear that no one Trump elects for the vacant position will be able to objectively conduct the investigation."

Sanders said that The USA needs an independent investigation into Trump's ties with Russia.