trump's dismissal of FBI director James Comey poses an important question as to what will happen with further investigations into his connections with Russia, American Time writes. The Fbi and the three congressional committees are investigating Russian engagement in the US election. As the director of the FBI, Comey has run a complicated investigation about Russian ties ever since American president's inauguration.

The new director could end the investigation of Russia

The person Trump puts at the forefront of the FBI will most likely have a great influence on the further course of the investigation and the acceptance of its results in public.

Given the concern of Congress members from both political parties, it is unlikely that the new director will be soon elected. The new director could totally give up on the continuation of the investigation, or give it much less importance than Comey did. He or she could also cease cooperating with congressional committees, relying on information from the FBI.

Trump claims that dismissing Comey has nothing to do with investigation about Russia

Former State Attorney Assistant Timothy Flanigan said, "Despite everything, it seems to me that they will continue investigations if they have already been launched." He added that temporary directors have limited power to halt the already launched investigations.

Democrats have immediately urged The Ministry to secure evidence that has been gathered in the investigations so far. Six Democrats have sent a letter to the Justice Ministry calling for all evidence related to the Russian investigation to be preserved.

Trump said that dismissing Comey has nothing to do with Russia, but many politicians and the rest of the public have pointed out they do not believe in this statement.

Republican Senator Richard Burr said he was "tormented by the reason and moment of Comey's release" and he added that that move makes this complicated investigation even more difficult.

The decision to release Comey "has launched a serious discussion of whether this move is a drastic hindrance to the criminal investigation," the member of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives Adam Schiff said.

The executive director of the anti-corruption organization POGO Danielle Brian stated that Trump's move "undermines the independence and credibility of Russia's investigation".