In a report by The Independent, North Korea has apparently accused the US of bringing the Korean Peninsula to the edge of the nuclear war, as US strategic bombers flew the area as part of military exercises with South Korea.

The two supersonic B-18 Lancer bombers were deployed as a drill. This military exercise comes at a time of intensified tensions because of the persistence of North Korea on the nuclear and missile program, despite UN sanctions and the pressure from the US. The South Korean defense ministry said the goal of exercises was to deter Kim Jong-Un from new provocations and prepare for a possible nuclear test conducted by Pyongyang.

The presence of two US superstars of the B-1B Lancer bombers quite troubled Pyongyang. At the same time, from Washington, US President Donald Trump said he would be prepared, if appropriate, to meet with President Kim Jong-Un. But that message has not yet been commented on by Pyongyang.

North Korea accuses the US of wanting to carry out a preventive attack

That country announced that bombers have "deployed nuclear bombers to strategic targets" in its territory at a time when Trump and other American war mongers want to carry out a preventive attack with all forces. "This irresistible military provocation pushes the Korean peninsula to the edge of the nuclear war," the state news agency KCNA conveyed.

Trump warned that a "big, big conflict" with North Korea could be possible, and China overcame the past week that the situation on the peninsula could get out of control.

The United States has sent an onshore fleet to gather around USS Carl Vinson aircraft in the waters there, and US officials announced that the counterattack system THAAD in South Korea reached the operational phase.

North Korea is against Israel

It was reported that Israel is the "only one that owns nuclear weapons illegally" and threatens peace in the Middle East. Further, from Pyongyang, they said Israel would "pay a thousand times" for its work. A sharp comment came after the Israeli Defense Minister called the North Korean leadership a "mischievous radical group".

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in a conversation to the Israeli paper Walla that North Korean President Kim Jong-Un is a "madman" that undermines the stability of the entire world. From North Korea, they say that Israel is the one undermining stability, especially in the Middle East region. They stressed that Israel illegally owns nuclear weapons thanks to US security. Israel possesses nuclear weapons, but it is a sort of public secret that nobody wants to speak openly.