Edward Snowden slammed the decision of US President Donald Trump to fire James Comey as the FBI Director on Tuesday. The news came as a shock to everyone especially to Snowden who has been pursued by the then FBI Director for years to land in jail for his political activities.

Snowden's stand

On Tuesday afternoon, an unexpected tweet was posted on Twitter. Edward Snowden has all the reasons to celebrate the ouster of James Comey, but his tweet says otherwise. According to him, the political interference in the work of the Bureau should be condemned by every American.

The ex-CIA employee tweeted this linking the news about Comey's ouster.

Comey-Snowden relationship

Minutes later, Snowden tweeted about his relationship with Comey. He said that anybody can oppose the act of the Whitehouse.

It can be recalled that former CIA employee left the United States after exposing classified and delicate information about the National Security Agency's surveillance programs.

In June 2013, charges were filed against him by the Federal prosecutors led by Comey. In 2014, the then FBI Director said in a statement that he was confused on why some consider the whistleblower a hero. He added that the government is functioning in a way intended by its founders. He further said that he find it hard applying the term whistleblower to someone who apparently disagrees with the way the government operates.

The following year, the head of the bureau axed the plea deal with Snowden. He labeled the ex-CIA employee as a fugitive. He was quoted saying that he want to apprehend him so he could enjoy the benefits of the fairest criminal justice system in the world.

In March 2017, Edward Snowden posted on Twitter in response to the head of the bureau's complaints about officials leaking intelligence information to the media.

Snowden told him to stop breaking the law if he wants the leaking of information to end.

Meanwhile, On Tuesday night, Snowden spoke to three universities through a video link in Manitoba and Alberta from his asylum in Russia. He said that the act is alarming because the bureau was leading an extensive probe into Donald Trump's administration. The ex-CIA employee added that the probe includes the potential influence of Russia in the US presidential election last year.

He further said that this move from Trump is a part of the worldwide disrespect for the rights of the public. He asked the people to question their commitment to the rule of law. His speech run for 40 minutes which was then followed by the question and answer session.