Russian-American relations were at their lowest ebb during the Obama Presidency. The result was that no Russian diplomat of any significance visited Washington in the past four years. There is a change and the the Associated Press reports that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will be visiting Washington to meet his counterpart, Rex Tillerson. Donald Trump thought it an opportune time to meet the Russian diplomat. He will meet the Russian foreign minister at 10:30 on Wednesday at the White House.

This will be the first major contact between President Trump and an important member of the Russian government.

The meeting comes in the background of the sacking of the CIA director, James Comey. Also lurking in the background is the so-called Russian connection. Donald Trump's opponents and the Democratic party have alleged that Donald Trump and his team had contacts with the Russians during the election campaign. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has denied any Russian interference in the American presidential election. Trump has labeled this as "fake news." This will be a significant meeting and its importance cannot be understated. It will probably pave the way for a meeting between the US president and the Russian leader.

Damaging Trump's credibility

During the campaign trail, Donald Trump praised the Russian president.

However, after Donald was elected president, the question of his team's contact with the Russians came up. It was insinuated that the Russians had something on Trump. A weird tale of "golden showers" was also circulated to damage the credibility of Trump.

Russian connection and Sally Yates

Even now Trump and his team are beset by the Russian connection.

Matters have been compounded by the last officiating AG Sally Yates, alleging that she warned the Trump administration against appointing general Flynn. She said that he was open to blackmail by the Russians, because of his contacts with them. She has claimed that Donald did not listen to her. Sally Yates may have been sacked by Donald for her refusal to kowtow to Trump's Muslim ban.

Pragmatic and unconventional leader

The meeting between Donald Trump and the Russian foreign minister show the US president is a pragmatic man. He is also an unconventional leader, as can be made out by his offer to meet with Kim Jong, the North Korean leader under the right circumstances.

Trump has completed 100 days into his Presidency. He is facing tremendous opposition. He also has the lowest rating for a new President. In addition, there are charges he or his team had some sort of Russian connection.