One of the most-awaited novels next year is "The President is Missing." The book is a collaboration of two great minds who are both experts in their respective fields of interest. The former head of the White House is writing his first-ever novel. The book is scheduled to be released in June 2018. The book is jointly produced by Patterson's publisher, Hachette, and Clinton's publisher, Alfred A. Knopf. The recent partnership was announced by Chairman Sonny Mehta of Knopf Doubleday and CEO Michael Pietsch of Hachette.

Book preview

"The President is Missing" is advertised as a distinct combination of suspense, intrigue, and behind-the-scenes worldwide drama from the highest echelon of power.

Aside from the title, information about the novel is scarce. In fact, even the detail about the gender of the missing president is still not revealed until now.

The novel, according to Penguin Random House, will include several details that only a president can know. Some sources also hinted that the plot would involve the kidnapping of a sitting president. The publishers of the upcoming novel have not disclosed any information about the advance paid for the book. However, many speculate that it involves a significant seven-figure amount. Former president Bill Clinton was allegedly paid a $16 million advance for his memoirs.

The collaboration

Bill Clinton has known James Patterson for 10 years and has spent much time together as golf partners.

The idea of writing a novel was hatched when a lawyer they share suggested that they work together. The duo began working on the book in the later part of 2016.

Clinton is known for being a voracious reader of mysteries and thrillers, including Patterson's books. Clinton added that he has been a fan of the crime-writing mega-seller author.

According to Clinton, working on the book has been a lot of fun. He was able to share his experiences in the White House, what he knows about the job of a sitting president, and on the way, how Washington operates.

James Patterson has made a name as a fiction writer and has written many novels. He is one of the most prolific authors known in the world.

The author considers writing with the former president as the highlight of his career. He was quoted As saying that Bill Clinton's insight has enabled them to tell a very interesting story. Aside from the usual suspense, he said that readers will be taken for a ride to see the life of a sitting president in "The President is Missing."