As rumors continue to circulate over the future of Donald Trump's administration and staff, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made his return to the press room to speak to the media. As he was closing out the press briefing, Spicer appeared to snap and hit back at the media over allegations of "fake news."

Spicer snaps

Since the start of the Donald Trump administration back in January, there have been multiple reports detailing alleged trouble behind the scenes. While Trump is often the one who comes under fire from the media, many of his advisers and associates have found themselves in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

From Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway being criticized for her use of the terms "alternative facts" and the "Bowling Green Massacre," to the private issues involving Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and Chief of Staff Reince Preibus, speculation over a potential shake-up has increased in recent weeks. One name that continues to be at the top of the president's hit list has been Sean Spicer, who returned to give his first press briefing since the conclusion of Trump's recent foreign trip. As reported by CBS News on May 30, the tension between Spicer and the press was clear.

While speaking to members of the media on Tuesday, Sean Spicer appeared to lose his cool when the issue of a staff shake-up was brought up.

"The best messenger is the president himself, he's always proven that," Spicer said, before dismissing the idea that changes would be made to the administration.

"He's very pleased with the work of his staff," Sean Spicer claimed, while noting, "I think he is frustrated to see stories come out that are patently false.

To see narratives that are wrong. To see 'fake news,'" Spicer added. When asked to give an example of "fake news," Spicer cited a New York Times article that reported that Trump was "rude" to the Italian prime minister during the aforementioned trip. Not stopping there, Spicer went on to claim that too many stories have been "pushed out based on unnamed, unaccountable sources, that is very troubling."

"The reasons the president is frustrated because there's a perpetuation of false narratives, a use of unnamed sources," Sean Spicer went on to say once again.

As the press attempted to ask follow-up questions, Spicer quickly left his press briefing.

Moving forward

Despite Sean Spicer denying the reported dissension in the ranks of the White House, reports continue to be released that contradict with the official excuse. As the former host of "The Apprentice" and his team deal with the growing Russian scandal and other issues plaguing the administration, only time will tell if a shake-up will take place.