To kick off 2017, members of the media are not holding back their thoughts about one another. After MSNBC host Joe Scarborough went on a Twitter firestorm against a CBS reporter for accusing him of partying on New Year's Eve with Donald Trump, a host on CNN gave his thoughts.


On Sunday night, Sopan Deb tweeted a portion of a New York Times' article and claimed that MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, hosts of "Morning Joe," were spending time with Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Largo resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Scarborough and Deb went back and forth for nearly an hour on Twitter, with the MSNBC host accusing the CBS reporter of pushing "fake news." Scarborough explained that he spent time with Trump as part of a pre-planned meeting, but didn't stay for the party.

This issue was brought up to CNN host Chris Cuomo who elaborated on his offical Twitter account on January 1.

After one of his followers tweeted "Loved all the work you did this year! Keep it up! Journalists like @JoeNBC are a disgrace. Will be tuning in for more!," Chris Cuomo responded quickly. "MSNBC is a political talk show. He (Joe Scarborough) is a pol not a journo. He can be friends and support candidates," Cuomo responded on Twitter, before adding, "Different standard."

This isn't the first time that Chris Cuomo and Joe Scarborough have had issues.

Last month, the MSNBC host referred to his CNN counterpart as "unhinged," after Cuomo referred to the "Morning Joe" crew as "boosters" for the Donald Trump campaign.

Moving forward

Regardless of the in-fighting between the two networks, President-elect Donald Trump is often the top headline on both sides. Ironically, Trump is not a fan of either MSNBC or CNN, as the billionaire real estate mogul makes a habit out of bashing both of them on a routine basis.

When it comes to the media and the press, Trump has made it clear that he views them all as the enemy. In addition, last week, incoming White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, hinted that traditional press conferences could be replaced by social media town hall events on Facebook and Twitter.