When #Marine Le Pen, the far right wing French presidential candidate called out #Emmanuel Macron, her centrist and EU positive opponent, for having an offshore account on Wednesday's televised debate, the nation was shocked and startled.

Macron had been incorrectly called out for an offshore account many times in the past week. This, mostly by far right Fake News Sites and other publications believed to be tied to Russian interference. But it was Le Pen's vociferousness and her Verbal Aggression that shocked the world and many watching in France.

She seemed to show herself up as a bullying right-wing agitator instead of a concise, clear-headed and pragmatic candidate. The centrist and pro-EU candidate was seen as appearing more powerful and victorious in the televised debate, which precedes this Sunday's vote.

The next morning, prosecutors based in the French capitol opened an investigation about ultra-conservative Le Pen's untrue statements. Macron told the press on Thursday that he won't hesitate to prosecute people who repeat false information, referring to incorrect information appearing on right-wing fake news sites. He even claimed that the sites were possibly linked to Russian operatives.

The new investigation creates a clear message that those wanting to repeat the lie will be seen in court, according to the BBC website.