North Korea alleges that it is the victim of terrorism deemed state-sponsored from the United States. The claim comes in the wake of the country apprehending two college educators from America and stating that their arrests result from an intricate plot assembled by the CIA to annihilate their leader, Kim Jong Un.

These accusations begin as the U.S. ponders placing the nation back on its terrorism sponsors’ list. On Sunday, media outlets throughout the Korean Peninsula reported that the northern region captured a Korean man of ethnic descent because he engaged in hostile acts against the nation.

North Korea has yet to specify what those actions were exactly. The man apprehended in the Korean regime is named Kim Hak Song. He is a professor at Pyongyang University’s School of Science and Technology and currently holds citizenship in the United States.

Prior suspicions

Before Song’s arrest, North Korea arrested another U.S. citizen, Kim San Dok. They accuse him of also contributing to acts of hostility towards the country and asserted that he aimed to overthrow the nation’s current regime.

The country's state-sponsored media released several news reports last Friday. They state that Korea's northern region believes that the CIA in America and the National Intelligence Service in South Korea ideologically adulterated the two men.

They further mention that the two government entities then proceeded to coerce them to follow along with their plans. It also asserted that the pair stayed in communication with the NIS and CIA consistently as both parties trained them to utilize biochemical substances only known to the CIA.

Currently, there is no evidence supporting any claims that the men arrested had any affiliations with an assassination attempt plotted by the American government.

Each report addressing the plot closed with a pledge from the region's Ministry of State Security to expose everyone involved in U.S. attempts to assassinate Kim Jong Un with state-supported psychological oppression.

National tensions

Critics all around the world often acknowledge North Korea for its noisy and pugnacious talk even with what it esteems to be dangers to its initiative.

Its references to investigating anyone orchestrating the plot could recommend activity abroad as well as conceivable prosecutions within itself.

Constant conflict remains between the atomic powerhouse and its primary foes, the United States and South Korea in recent months. Their tensions come from Pyongyang consistently participating in its nuclear missile programs. The strains also result from training exercised by U.S. and South Korean militaries that demonstrate strategies aimed at accurately executing North Korea’s most prominent federal authorities.