Since Donald Trump decided to surprisingly fire James Comey as the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Tuesday night, he's faced heavy backlash from his critics. Following critical comments made by Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Trump decided to air his grievances out on social media.

Trump the draft dodger

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump talked a big game on several issues. One of those issues was the military, where he vowed to back the United States away from foreign entanglements, while promising to build up the military in the process.

The former host of "The Apprentice" said he was ready to "bomb the sh*t out of them," in reference to attacking the Islamic State (ISIS), and other Islamic terrorist groups. Since his inauguration, Trump has made several controversial foreign policy moves, including the bombing of an ISIS-controlled tunnel in Afghanistan, as well as an airbase in Syria. Fast forward to present day and the biggest story in the news is Trump's decision to fire James Comey, who was leading the investigation into Russian interference in the election, which many link back to possible collusion with the White House. Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal commented on these issues during a May 10 interview on CNN, which triggered Trump into a Twitter attack just moments later.

Joining CNN's "New Day" on Wednesday morning, Richard Blumenthal was vocal in his opposition to Donald Trump firing James Comey, stating, "What we have now is really a looming constitutional crisis that is deadly serious." In response, Trump fired back, attacking Blumenthal for his service during the Vietnam War, where he served in the reserved, despite the president getting five deferments to avoid the war himself.

"Watching Senator Richard Blumenthal speak of Comey is a joke.

'Richie' devised one of the greatest military frauds in U.S. history," Donald Trump wrote on Twitter. "For years, as a pol in Connecticut, Blumenthal would talk of his great bravery and conquests in Vietnam - except he was never there," he continued.

Not stopping there, Donald Trump continued to hammer home the senator over his military service. "When caught, he cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness and now he is judge & jury," he tweeted, before concluding, "He should be the one who is investigated for his acts."

Twitter reacts

Responding to Donald Trump's criticism, social media users were quick to point out that the president did everything in his power to avoid serving in the Vietnam War.

"Holy crap, Sir. You weren't there either! You evaded #Vietnam service 5 times!" author Joe Papp tweeted out.

"You're a war dodger," author Mike Denison wrote on his Twitter account, while adding in a follow-up tweet, "You fu**ing throw POWs under the bus." "You were a Vietnam draft dodger, remember?

You lied about a bum leg then played football," another Twitter user wrote about Donald Trump. The backlash continued, as it was made clear that critics of the president on social media were not going to let him forget about his history as a draft dodger.