Presidential popular vote winner, Hillary Clinton blasted Donald trump and his administration for their lack of respect for the LGBTQ community. She pointed out that during his campaign trail he vowed to protect their rights, and he's done the complete opposite.

Look to 2018 elections

According to Daily Kos, Hillary said that we (the country) need to face the truth and realize that President Trump will never protect Lgbtq Rights, so it's time to look to the 2018 elections.

She spoke about Trump's decision to overturn Obama's transgender bath policy.

In February, the president advises schools to force the students to go in the bathrooms that matched their gender. This act forced transgender students to go to bathrooms that may not match their gender identity. It went against Obama's policy and sent shockwaves throughout the transgender community.

Protecting LGBTQ rights

Trump promised to protect LGBTQ rights, but his actions say something altogether different. Clinton believes that to protect their rights, Americans need to prepare for the next set of elections in 2018.

Hillary concluded her speech by saying that the Democrats are ready for the 2018 elections, but the Republicans are feeling the pressure to maintain control. She called on all Democrats to get out a vote.