Los Angeles City Council voted to impeach President Trump on Saturday. They agreed that he has allegedly committed "many impeachable offenses," and the country SHOULD hold him accountable. Los Angeles council speaker said that they plan to require the Senate to do a complete investigation.

It's up to Congress to decide

LA Council member, Bob Blumenfield (D-San Fernando Valley) said that they want Congress to exercise their power to investigate President Trump's international finances and make sure that he is really working for America and not to line his pockets with more money.

Blumenfeld explained that it isn't about Trump's politics that have led to the all for his impeachment, it is about the president's clear conflict of interest.

Trump has funneled money to his family-held businesses

According to Occupy Democrats, Trump has funneled nearly $15 million to Trump-owned companies. He seems to be pulling double duty working as POTUS and still conducting business as Trump business head.

The truth is Trump's family continues to exploit the government to enrich his brand while pretending to have America's best interest at heart.

Thank goodness, the city of LA has stepped in, and we hope Congress will take heed and investigate Trump's connections to other countries.