The world of golf has been good to the Trumps. In fact, the president finds it hard to tear himself away from his golf course resorts most weekends despite claiming on the campaign trail that he would rarely leave the White House if he were to become president. Amidst all the concern surrounding Donald Trump’s Conflicts Of Interest, The Hill is reporting that the president’s son Eric Trump had something interesting to say about the Trump family’s golf course funding.

In 2014, Eric Trump told reporter James Dodson at Boston’s WBUR that his family did not rely on American banks because they receive all the funding they need out of Russia.

The declaration is not hard to believe given that is has been reported that Donald Trump had been unable to obtain loans in the U.S. for years.

He claims to have had no dealings, ever, with Russia. The revelation came while at the Trump National Charlotte golf course and the reporter asked how the Trump golf ventures were funded. Eric Trump added that they had guys who really love the game of golf and have invested in their programs.

For the love of rubles

The reporter describes also meeting Donald Trump on that same day, followed by receiving an invitation to play at the Charlotte golf course. When he asked Trump how he paid for his golf courses, the now-president rambled on about having access to $100 million.

He gave no further details as to where this access stems from.

In his interview, the reporter went on to explain his questions about funding, because he knew, due to the recession, that no one had been funding the construction of golf courses for the past four or five years. Nevertheless, the Trump family continued to build golf courses all over the world while the sons benefited from the protection and taxpayers' dollars supporting these lucrative business ventures.

Words do tend to come back and haunt us

A while back, Donald Trump Jr. also made mention of all the money to be made in Russia. Again, his father emphatically denies any involvement with Russia. Conflicts of interest matter to more people than the Trump administration thinks.

Denying facts now serves no purpose when damaging proof can surface at any time.

To say “you get all the funding you need from Russia” will raise more than a little curiosity, especially when there is a serious investigation into Russian involvement going on. While the president continues to claim no connection with Russia, contradictory words continue to surface saying otherwise.