The “Let Girls Learn” initiative was started by Michelle Obama and former President Barack Obama in 2015. It was believed that the Trump administration will be discontinuing with the signature initiative launched by the former lady and her husband. However, a White House spokesperson confirmed that the program will remain unchanged under the Trump administration.

How did the rumors start?

According to a CNN report, which cited an internal document, the program that offered educational opportunities for young girls in developing nations would be closed immediately.

However, some aspects of the initiative would continue. The publication noted that employees were asked to not use the program’s name. They were also told that the initiative was ending.

Apparently, an email sent by Sheila Crowley, the acting director of Peace Corps, noted that the “Let Girls Learn,” initiative was to be shut down. Peace Corps had played an active part in promoting the initiative.

White House denies claims

According to a White House spokesperson, no changes have been made to the initiative. White House denied reports of Trump administration doing away with the program. According to Kelly Love, a White House spokesperson, no changes have been made to the 2015 campaign promoting education for girls.

Both the first lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump, have expressed interest in working for women’s education. It can be assumed that both will take an active interest in this campaign as well. The White House has not mentioned whether the “Let Girls Learn” campaign will be carried out as a standalone program or not.

What prompted the shutting down assertions?

The message about the shutting down of the campaign came the same day when Sonny Perdue the agricultural secretary had plans to visit the elementary schools in the Suburban Virginia. The main focus of the visit was to announce the changes made to the “Healthy school lunches,” carried out by Michelle Obama.

Initially, it wasn’t clear that how the announcement would affect school lunches throughout the nation.

Active participation of Peace Corps

The Peace Corps played an active part in promoting and supporting the “Let Girls Learn” campaign. According to a spokesman for the agency, they would continue supporting girls' education campaigns. Both education and empowerment are important causes for the agency.

It has been supporting education of girls since the last 56 years, and continues to support the same. White House announced $5 million separately for the “Let Girls Learn” initiative. With this, the total financial pledges for the initiative came to around $1 billion in 50 countries.