On Friday, two men were fatally stabbed and another left inured after coming to the aid of a victim of a hate crime in Portland, Oregon. After a full weekend, President Donald Trump finally decided to address the tragedy, but his response didn't go over well on social media.

Trump on Portland

In recent years, the political tension in the United States has reached an all-time high. One of the hottest topics is over Islamic terrorism, religion, and the United States' role in Middle Eastern affairs. Back home in the states, a dilemma has caused a rift among many Americans.

On the right, anger towards Muslim is prevalent, which has only increased since the start of the candidacy and election of Donald Trump. For those on the left, many Americans take a difference approach, coming to the defense of all things related to Islam, with some trying to silence even the slightest attempt of criticisms of the religion. While there are some in the middle who push for an open dialogue and debate on these issues, their voices are usually drowned out by the more extreme on both sides. Last Friday, 35-year-old Jeremy Joseph Christian was allegedly harassing a Muslim woman on a train in Portland because of her religion, when Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, Rick Best, and Micah Fletcher came to intervene.

All three men were stabbed, with the latter remaining in critical condition, with the others losing their lives. On May 29, Trump finally addressed the issue on his Twitter account.

Using the official POTUS Twitter feed instead of his personal account, Donald Trump condemned the hate crime in Portland.

"The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance," Trump tweeted out, before adding, "Our prayers are w/ them."

Twitter reacts

In response to Donald Trump's tweet, social media critics of the president weren't impressed and didn't hold back their thoughts.

"BTW, that asshole who killed those two men and injured a third? He was an alt-right Trump supporter," Holly O'Reilly wrote.

"Took Trump 3 days to respond here. Was too busy reading tweets and blocking some of us on his Real Donald Trump account. Get to work, sir," filmmaker Adam Best wrote on his Twitter account. In a follow-up tweet, Best added, "Our thoughts and prayers do go out to the victims.

Unfortunately, Trump's 'hate and intolerance' victimizes Americans as well."

"A day late and a dollar short! And NOT from his personal account so we know HE couldn't care less," another Twitter user added.

"Just now getting around to this, huh?" Eric Vale tweeted. As the backlash continued, it was clear that the political divide in the United States with Donald Trump as president was not going to end anytime soon.