One thing you can always count on with the Trump boys is they will say something, umm less than bright. Eric Trump revealed that the reason that the POTUS cannot disclose his tax documents is that Russia allegedly funded one of his golf courses. Then, Eric added that the Trumps' don't rely on "American banks," they get their money straight from Russia.

Eric Trump revealed a secret in 2014

In 2014, the president was building a golf course in North Carolina. Golf writer, James Dodson, asked Eric Trump how they could afford to make such an extravagant development in a time that many people were cutting back.

Trump's "bright" son replied that the reason was they had access to $100 million "straight from Russia." He added that the recession had hurt the golf industry and American banks were refusing to loan money to build the structure. That's when his dad came up with an idea to seek funding from other countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Russia.

'We have a guy there'

Eric said they have a guy in Russia that really loves their golf courses and regularly invests in Trump properties. Most of America suspected that Trump was hiding something in his Tax returns, and it looks like that suspicion is pretty much confirmed with his report.

Trump's children have taken multiple trips to Russia, and now it makes perfect sense. According to Occupy Democrats, many American banks are leery of loaning Trump any money, after he has declared bankruptcy multiple times.

It has to be said that Donald Trump has denied any connection to Russia. Do you really believe him?