The North Korean ambassador to the United Kingdom said that the DPRK has learned its lesson that the US only targets weak nations. The ambassador further added that because of US bullying of weak countries, North Korea's nuclear program is well justified for its self-defense against US aggression.

What is the true state of North Korea's nuclear program?

It is widely accepted that North Korea had successfully developed a nuclear device and that the DPRK has allegedly conducted five underground Nuclear Tests already. What's uncertain is whether North Korea has managed to equip one of its nuclear devices on a working ICBM that will be able to threaten the United States.

It has been publicly observed that North Korea is still struggling with developing an effective missile system that can attack US forces in the Korean peninsula. After three embarrassing test failures in April alone, the North Korean missile system is still defective and has yet to improve. However, despite highly publicized failures, the North Korean military is still adamant that it is capable of reducing to ashes every American city in an instant.

The North Korean diplomat cites that the nuclear program is a necessity

Choe Il, the North Korean ambassador to the United Kingdom since 2016, said that his country is preparing for its sixth nuclear test and added that more missile tests will be made as it bolsters its defenses against US influence in Korea

The envoy continued that he and his country are not afraid of the United States, and that they are sure that the United States won't do preemptive strikes.

This is due to the fear North Korea has instilled in the US of the DPRK's ability to deliver destruction to the entire western civilization.

What's the US military's response against Pyongyang's threats?

Mostly the threats of North Korea, though almost fictional in scope, continue to be treated as genuine threats from a belligerent enemy.

The recent propaganda video released by the DPRK showing the destruction of Washington by a nuclear explosion is disconcerting for Pentagon higher-ups.

Most military strategists in the US Department of Defense urge caution in dealing with North Korea. They argue that a foe that doesn't rely on clear, rational decisions is one of the most dangerous to deal with.

Kim Jong-Un is seen by many world leaders as a pathological psychopath that has mental issues.

His sole dictatorship over North Korea places the fate of an entire nation in the hands of a "lunatic." However, Kim Jong-Un is still revered by his people as North Korea's heavenly gift that will change their lives for the better, or so they believe.