Ivanka Trump, someone who says that she is a feminist, just celebrated with her father the House passing the Trumpcare bill. A few weeks ago, Ivanka revealed that she supports "all" women and understand how hard it is for working mothers. Now, she virtually slaps those women by celebrating this Trumpcare bill that will essentially take healthcare from millions of people.

Ivanka claims she's an advocate for women's empowerment

Trump has said on multiple occasions that she is an advocate for women's empowerment and supports the feminist movement. She rejoiced when the House passed her father's health care bill, calling it a "massive win."

This is the man that was accused of raping her mother during their divorce proceedings.

A man, who has bankrupted his company multiple times. A man who admitted that his bill would limit the health care options for most women. She isn't for women's rights and empowerment. Currently, she is part of the problem.

The bill that will destroy women's health care

Trumpcare is a cruel document that proves that wealthy politicians are still punishing women. It showed that Trump cannot be trusted to make decisions about women's health issues.

Under the new health care bill, insurance companies charge higher copayments and premiums for pre-existing conditions such as being a victim of sexual assault, pregnancy, postpartum depression, and migraines. They even listed a c-section as a pre-existing condition.

The insurance company would have the option to make you pay a higher premium or deny coverage.

The interesting part about the growing list of pre-existing conditions is that almost every American has at least one of them, so essentially this health care bill is a clever way to get rid of federal health care.

Premiums will be sky high for cancer

The bill would allow insurance companies to impose outrageously high premiums for women suffering from ovarian and breast cancer. Also, under Trumpcare, an insurance provider can refuse to cover babies born with birth defects.

Many people have questioned how a birth defect can be called a pre-existing condition when the infant is born with that disease.

Even so, the Republicans stand by their bill and believe that it is a better option than ObamaCare.

Ivanka rejoiced as House passed the bill

Even though Trump said she is for WOMEN'S rights, she had no problem posing for a picture with the rich billionaires after the House passed the health care reform. She was all smiles as millions of people felt betrayed by this horrible health care document.

Let's face it; Ivanka is the worst kind of feminist. She claims that she is for women's empowerment, but she is actually working behind the scenes to further the oppression of women.

After a month of "working" at her official White House job, she has done nothing but promoted herself, her book, and her products. To be clear, she isn't any better than her father in that she only sees the presidency as a way to further her career and businesses.

The bottom line

Many Americans have had the same guy wrenching response. This cannot become a law. It can't. If it does Americans will not be able to afford to see doctors anymore. If it does, at least, 24 million people will be without coverage within a year.

There is still time. The bill has to pass Senate before Trump can sign it, making it a law. Contact your senators by phone or email and tell them to vote no.

If you aren't sure what conditions are labeled as pre-existing conditions, Google it.

Virtually everyone will have at least one condition; therefore, no one will qualify for any health insurance coverage.