republicans acknowledged that if you have a Preexisting Condition, you will have to pay a steep premium or face the possibility of being refused coverage. The exclusions are completely ridiculous and seem to be a clever way for the insurance companies not to have to pay for any chronic illnesses.

Trumpcare's website claims it covers pre-existing conditions

Trumpcare's website (AHCA) argued that the health care bill would prevent insurers from denying coverage and charging higher premiums for those with chronic diseases. It appears now that was a lie.

The Republicans knew all along that pre-existing conditions would be excluded and it would have up to 2,000 ailments listed which would limit the number of people that will qualify for coverage.

Republicans lied, again

According to Occupy Democrats, the guarantee that pre-existing condition would be cover has been removed from the website. It's clear that the Republicans didn't want it in writing that the new policy would include chronic diseases.

For many Americans, the healthcare reform is a death sentence. They will no long be able to receive treatment for their migraines, diabetes, or many other disorders.

Don't let this bill become law. Contact your state senators to tell them to vote no on the health care repeal.