According to a sworn statement from an investigator into the crime, Dwan Wakefield, 17, of Ridgeland has said he didn’t kill six-year-old Kingston Frazier in his mother’s stolen car. Wakefield blamed the shooting on Byron McBride, 19, of Pickens.

Blasting News reported the story covering the arrest of three Mississippi teenagers relating to the theft of Ebony Archie’s car outside a grocery store, with young Kingston still inside the vehicle. Kingston was found dead of gunshot wounds in the Toyota Camry hours after the car was stolen.

Special Agent Rusty Clark of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation said in a statement that Wakefield had denied involvement in the shooting and that his friend, McBride was the one who shot the boy.

Mississippi teenagers held in Madison County for Kingston’s death

Wakefield and McBride are currently held in Madison County without bail along with D’Allen Washington, 17, of Ridgeland while awaiting court appearances on Monday. All three are facing charges of capital murder, but reportedly due to his age, only McBride would likely be facing the death penalty for the crime. The death penalty no longer applies to people under the age of 18.

Authorities still looking for the murder weapon

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, authorities are still seeking the weapon used to kill Kingston.

According to Alex Breeland, the Madison County Coroner, the six-year-old was shot several times. District Attorney Michael Guest says authorities believe there is sufficient evidence to proceed against the teenage suspects without the murder weapon.

According to Guest, the incident was a crime of opportunity, adding that the theft of a car the owner had left running was their sole intent.

He also said Washington is currently under indictment for armed robbery.

Mother feels guilty about leaving six-year-old in the car

MS News Now reports that surveillance video recorded at the time of the theft showed Archie leaving her car at around 1 a.m.

Shortly afterward another car drove up. One man left that vehicle, climbing into Archie’s car and driving away with Kingston in the back seat.

According to members of Archie’s family, Ebony had collected Kingston from her grandmother’s house after an evening out with friends, celebrating her birthday. She wanted to buy supplies for another celebration – the young boy’s kindergarten graduation – which was scheduled for Friday.

David Archie, the mother’s cousin, said Ebony is feeling guilty that she made the decision to go to the grocery store, leaving the car running with Kingston inside.

According to Breeland, the autopsy on Kingston is now complete and his body has been released to a funeral home.