Israeli intelligence officers have reportedly shouted in anger at U.S. counterparts after Trump leaked confidential information to Russians inside the White House. An unnamed U.S. defense official said that the Israelis are shouting "What's going on?" as they sort out this diplomatic mess with embarrassed American intelligence officers.

Israeli intelligence of terrorist plot came from an embedded spy working for Israel

On May 10, trump shared confidential information with Russian officials during an Oval office meeting. Trump divulged sensitive information about ISIS, which may have jeopardized vital informants embedded in the terrorist group.

This meeting was reported by the Washington post, which was quickly labeled as "fake" news by the Trump administration. The Washington post also stated that Trump disclosed code-words to the Russians to the "horror" of the Israeli intelligence.

What is the Trump's administration move to resolve the intelligence blunder?

U.S. and Israeli officials are continually working on how to limit the damage done by the leaks. The former israeli intelligence chief said over the radio in Tel Aviv that Trump is liable to undermine Israeli security, especially if the information leak reaches Iran.

However, according to several sources, President Trump didn't know that the intelligence came from an Israeli spy.

Nevertheless, the U.S. president is blamed for his loose lips on confidential information, which may lead to serious diplomatic consequences.

What is Trump's plan to restore Israel's confidence?

Trump is now touring the Middle East in his diplomatic plan to unite the three main religions in the area to combat Terrorism. Trump will first visit Saudi Arabia and meet with King Salman to cement ties and create an Arab coalition against Iran.

He will then visit Israel to meet with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address U.S. commitment towards helping Israel and also the information leak debacle. He will then visit various holy sites in Israel and finally stop by the Western Wall to say a prayer.

After his visit to Israel, Trump will head straight to Rome to meet with Pope Francis.

The U.S. president hopes to unite Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam against the threat ISIS pose on civilization. He hopes that his visit will be the spark the will unite the entire Middle East.

However, with the current problems that have erupted from Trump's Russian fiasco and leaks, it is unlikely that in just a week of visit, the Middle East problem will miraculously be solved. As to the enraged Israeli officers, Information is not available on what negotiations are made to fix the blunder.