According to the Sheriff's office, the incident happened at Moss Bluff Elementary School on Monday. A seven-year-old boy was accidentally shot in his classroom after another student picked up a loaded handgun that fell from a student’s backpack. The handgun was loaded and was accidentally fired by the student, hitting the seven-year-old.

The Sheriff’s office reportedly received a call from the school at 7:50 a.m. relating to the shooting incident. According to authorities, the shooting was isolated to just the one classroom.

No charges against the students due to their age

As reported by People, Sheriff Tony Mancuso of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office went on to say that no charges will be laid against the student who brought the handgun to school, or the child who accidentally fired the shot, due to their ages. However, he did add that once their investigation is complete, the district attorney will consider whether to bring charges against the parent of the student who brought the gun to school.

Mancuso said in a statement that the student is stable and is undergoing surgery for his injuries.

No mention was made, however, as to where on his body the boy was shot.

Gun owners must be responsible with their weapons

Sheriff Mancuso said in the statement on the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office website that he is a pro-gun advocate and that he believes in the second amendment that allows Americans to own and carry firearms.

However, he also believes that it is the firm responsibility of gun owners to ensure their weapons are kept locked up and safely out of their children’s reach.

Mancuso further said it is important that all parents explain the dangers of guns to their children to help them understand how to react should they come across a weapon, either at school or at a friend’s home.

Shooting among teens and children becoming relatively common

Incidents of youngsters with guns are in the news on a fairly regular basis. Blasting News reported last month on the story of a 17-year-old Florida City teenager who accidentally shot his 13-year-old sister in the back of her head, shortly after she had given him a hug to wish him a happy birthday.

In that case, the teenager had gotten the gun from a friend and was arrested and charged with aggravated manslaughter, while his 14-year-old friend was also taken into custody and placed in a detention facility.

CTV News reports that the sentencing hearing for a Saskatchewan teenager starts Tuesday, who was convicted in a deadly school shooting. This was no accidental shooting, however, as the teen fatally shot a teacher and her aide and wounded seven other people at the La Loche high school in January 2016.