Filmmaker and outspoken liberal, Michael Moore revealed that he believes that President Trump will be impeached in his second term. As you can imagine, the Democrats were upset to hear his prediction because they had hoped to oust him from office in the next few months.

Will Trump win a second term?

If you take Michael Moore's prediction to heart, the one thing that stands out is that he said that Trump would win a second term. That would mean America has just under eight years as Donald, the commander in chief. For many Americans, that is not okay, and they will not allow that to happen.

Moore's past predictions

Previously, Moore said that Trump wouldn't even take office, he would be removed before January 20. Then, he stated that he wouldn't last 100 days, but here we are at 103 days, and Trump is still president.

Impeached in the second term?

According to Vulture, Moore said that Trump would be impeached in the middle of his second term. He added that the reason he thinks that is by the whole "American are dumb" and will reelect him to see if he can get his first term campaign promises pushed through.

Even though he felt sure that Trump will win the next election, he urged all Democrats to get out and vote. He cautioned the liberals not to feel defeated by Trump's regime, stating in time, his time of ruling will be over.