The attorney-at-law that represented Melania Trump when she received naturalized U.S. citizenship slams Donald Trump's Immigration Policy. Michael Wildes said the President cannot fix the United States immigration problem by building a screwed up wall between the United States and its neighbor.

Will comprehensive immigration reform fix the problem?

In an interview with Salon, the lawyer said the problem needs to be addressed with the 11 million undocumented immigrants that are already in the United States. He said that seeking out and deporting those that have committed criminal offenses should be the administration's number one goal.

Wildes said the country's broken immigration system has to be fixed in a comprehensive manner.

The lawyer said the first mistake the country made was denying illegal immigrants state id or drivers licenses. This, he argued, if they were still available, would have given the states the opportunity to track down and remove some of the most hardened criminals, who continue to commit criminal offenses in the United States. Trump had promised the American people while he was on the campaign trail that he would fix the immigration problem that has been plaguing the country.

Trump said he will fix illegal immigration

Then-Republican candidate Trump said to efficiently tackle the problem, he would come up with the billions of dollars needed to construct the wall on the U.S.

and Mexico border. However, while the border wall construction has been touted by successive administrations, lack of funding has made it impossible. Trump declared that if he was elected as the next President of the United States, he would find the money to get the job done.

But since he entered the White House, Trump had been unsuccessful with all the measures he tried to put in place.

The President, while realizing the harsh reality of getting the money needed has still continued his drive to get the wall funded. However, he remains adamant that once the wall is constructed it will cut off the flow of illegal immigrants that cross into the United States through the Mexican border every day.

Trump, in his bid to fulfill one of his campaign promises, even tried to ban citizens from several Muslim countries.

But the executive order that he signed after just a few days in office was struck down by the judicial system. Reportedly, Trump remains resolute that he will be the President to come up with the solution that will fix the broken immigration system. However, while he works to find the perfect resolution for the problem, the illegal immigration issue continues to wreak havoc on the U.S. economy.