Maxine Waters and her fellow African American Caucus members are demanding a formal apology from the California Democratic Party after Waters' long-winded speech forced event planners to cut her microphone last weekend at the state convention in Sacramento.

In addition to the formal apology, the members of the caucus are also demanding "sensitivity training for contracted and subcontracted employees."

Black caucus wants state party to foot the bill

According to the Los Angeles Times, the California Democratic Party African American Caucus sent a letter of complaint to the state Democratic Party earlier this week insisting that the caucus is reimbursed for all costs related to the interrupted meeting.

Prior to the letter being sent, Waters and her caucus members ordered the Sacramento City Council to investigate the incident, which one caucus member called "inexcusable" and "disturbing".

In an official statement, Darren Parker, chairman of the caucus, said that he wanted to apologize to Waters "for the inexcusable behavior of the audio service employee," and added that in his twenty years he has never experienced such an act of disrespect. "What is most disturbing is that this individual could have meant harm to the Congresswoman and was unchecked before he reached her," stated Parker.

The interruption occurred when an employee of Frontrunner, the company subcontracted to handle audio duties at the convention, approached the stage when Waters' speech ran long and asked her to wrap it up.

Waters ignored the request and continued speaking until her microphone was cut off.

According to Breitbart News, Darren Parker threw a fit at the event after this allegedly unparalleled act of disrespect took place. “I have never, ever seen anyone from staff walk up to a speaker, interrupt the speaker and then cut off the sound," Parker declared to the members of the African American Caucus.

"Damn it, we will not tolerate this!” he shouted. The caucus members then broke into applause.

The cutting of Maxine Waters' microphone wasn't the only act of disrespect to take place at this year's Democratic convention in Sacramento, however.

State chairman leads crowd in vulgar chant as Nancy Pelosi cheers him on

John Burton, the outgoing state chairman of the Democratic party, wrapped up his Saturday appearance at the convention by raising his middle fingers and leading the crowd in a chant of “F--k Donald Trump!"

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was captured on camera laughing as Burton made the obscene gesture to the president.

Unlike the California Democratic Party African American Caucus, however, the White House did not demand an apology from the state Democratic Party.