In the wake of the Manchester tragedy that has taken 22 innocent lives and has injured 59 others, the Muslim community has begun the commemoration of their annual holiday called Ramadan. Hence, Donald Trump could not help but mention the tragic incident in his statement for religious observation.

Spirit of Ramadan

Unlike Barack Obama's previous statements, Trump underlined terrorism in his Ramadan message to all Muslims. The POTUS said that the recent explosion outside the Manchester Arena and the current situation in Egypt are "directly contrary to the spirit of Ramadan."

He even slammed the group responsible for the deadly attack and their "perverted ideology." Trump added that the occurrences only hinder their stand in taking down the terrorists that threaten the safety of the public.

But despite the recent tragedies, the US president added his administration would continue working with its partners in fighting terrorism and the ideology behind it.

Trump also said the spirit of Ramadan is a reminder of everyone's obligation to "reject violence, pursue peace" and to aide those who live in conflict and poverty.

Obama's Ramadan statement

In his 2016 speech, Obama talked about the Islamic faith and wished the Muslims a joyful observation of the annual holiday. The then-president expressed his gratitude for having a "diverse" Muslim communities in the United States.

Obama described Ramadan as a "sacred time" that reminds every individual of their shared obligation to uphold human dignity.

Before ending his statement, the former president emphasized that all immigrants and refugees, regardless of where they come from or their religious background, are welcome in his nation.

Trump on Manchester attack

The POTUS recently expressed his dismay over a series of media leaks that compelled the British authorities and official to ban the US from the investigation of the Manchester explosion.

Trump described the unauthorized disclosure of information as "deeply troubling" and "a grave threat" to the nation.

The US president also promised to get to investigate and get to the bottom of this issue. Trump warned to hold the culprit accountable of leaking sensitive information and materials without the permission of the group in charge of the ongoing investigation.

UK prime minister, Theresa May, on the other hand, is reportedly planning to meet with Trump to discuss the issue of media leaks.